Saturday, 28 January 2017

STICK! - Binder Min Tid EP 1979

Last one for today and back to the late 70s and meet a quite unordinary band. Didn't really sound like other punkbands due to their unique instruments and originality in songwriting, Stick! were one of Swedens lenghtiest band with their average length of 193 centimetres. This three track EP is their debut record on Puzzel Records and it's fantastic. Here's the Sax perfect involved and gives the songs a charming undertone. I would buy it immediately, if you ask me. The last one starts with a short cool bass solo before the whole thing is becoming a real KBD cracker. Stick! has really a great sound and in 1980 they released their album Biomusik on Silence Records as Kai Martin & Stick! and the album is in my opinion much better as this 7Inch. In the 80s they released more records, played a lot of gigs and became famous, not only in Sweden. Their on many compilations and Ronny and Kai later started a band called Parade.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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