Monday, 30 January 2017

INJEKTION - När Kommer Jesus? EP 1985

A pretty nice rare EP came out in 1985 by this six piece from Gothenburg called Injektion which was released by LEM. Martin Nilsson (guitar & vox) joined the band after his other band Sötlimpa was finished. The last member changes was from a band called Brainless force. The band has never really stopped existing. So they had songs on the 'GBG Hardcore 81-85' and the 'Delirium Tremens Samlings' compilation which were also great. The music here is pretty powerful punk with distorted guitars and short songs and after seven minutes the noise is over. No Hardcore attacks just simply cool punkrock. A further proof of the Swedish punk rock scene which was not only from Stockholm. The band has more songs on some tape compilations. Start downloadin', enjoy and listen to this great effort.

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