Monday, 30 January 2017

NO NAMES - Bullenterror EP 1981

A request from Hans and we move to Hagen and discover this German combo and get in touch with their rare & sole fuckin' record on Tonträger 58, a small label from Hagen which published only seven records, one is a very good compilation called Alles Aus Hagen (which I will post soon or is it already here?, tell me). Well No Names are there as well. This little sucker has four characteristic German punk goodies which are formative for the 80's sound, maybe a bit amateurish but still nice. OK, my computer fucks up right now so I'm not able to write more.

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  1. Tontraeger 58 was run by Extrabreit, a pretty good punk/power pop band from Hagen (probably best known for Hurra Hurra Die Schuele Brennt).