Thursday, 22 December 2016

THE OUTFIELD - Your Love 7'' 1986

In the 80s a lot of poppy rock bands streamed through the radio and my favorite channel AFN played lots of alternative sound so also this song from the English combo The Outfield. For me real catchy and I bought immediately the 7Inch and this morning the song came into my mind so I made a quick rip at 8:00. I'm surprised how much infos about band and song are available in the net, I thought that would be a one-day fly, especially in Germany the song did not run very often. Anyway, the band released nine albums and broke up in 2014, presumably because guitarist John Spinks died of liver cancer. So enjoy both melodic tunes with beautiful words, let's go ➔

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  1. Yes, when I worked at McDonald's in high school all my friends loved this band while I kept with the punk rock of 84-86 time frame. I know this band connected a whole generation in the USA as I still meet people who say it is their favorite band like our regional Philadelphia factory sales representative told me. Still a bit cheesy for me but I am curious guy about this 7 so thanks again!