Friday, 23 December 2016

V/A - The 1055 Post Compilation 2012

Yeah!!!, the 1055th post! Hardcore readers of my blog know this was a sampler for the good old long long gone WildDevilRules Blog and I thought this compilation is today as well as four years ago. I want to thank everyone in the first place who helped me with advice and support, sent me nice emails & awesome music and those who left their comments. A big special thx goes to Fredrik, Reinhard & François which supply me with rare, new and interesting material and I hope our connection still holds on for long, You Three ROCKS!!! Further Henner & Sunny, Count Yorga (hope you all feel ok) and all those beautiful people who I forget, for YOU!! is this sampler made and of course, for my loyal followers. That time I was ready to close WDR because the trouble with mediafire was extremely annoying and all files were with a slip henceforth wiped. A lot of good Blogs closed and I was not alone with this shit and I cannot understand these methods but I say "Fuck Them", I just love this kind of hobby and the work I put in is so much as they can't push me so easy out..... I say "Fight Back" and keep your Blog alive it's worth it. Enough babbled, to the next coming years. Check the track list and slash the first moron you meet, PROST!

1.Crusader - SAXON
2.Never Say Die - BROKEN BONES
3.Vip's - BIZKIDS
4.Nothin' Special - SCHEMATIX
5.Centre Of Lies - AOUUH
6.Rapunzel - DIE SUURBIERS
7.Mentalsjuk - LIVIN' SACRIFICE
8.Circa 2 - THE LIMPS
9.Det Har Mamma Sagt - FAMNTAG
10.I Know - DROOGIES
11.One Way - THE ACES
12.Fucking Pacifist - LUCRATE MILK
13.Kids In America - WYNONA RIDERS
14.Pankenroler - ABERGAZ
15.Betrogen - PUTSCH
16.Cleopatra - TOUCH OF EVIL
17.Listless - S.I.B.
18.I Like Drugs - SIMPLETONES
19.I'm A Punk - THE RUDE BAND
20.I've Got A Feeling - ELEKTRIČNI ORGAZAM
21.Fun For The U.K. - POP RIVETS
22.Lust Is Greed - DAN
23.I Hob Recht - RAMONAS
24.Somethings Gonna Change - THE SOFTIES
25.Ensam I Världen - LILLE PRINSEN
26.Monkey Monkey - BOYS BOYS
27.Napalm - AOUUH
28.Gdje Me Vjetar Odnese - MINUS CWAY
29.Vindictive - THE SLITS

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