Friday, 23 December 2016

V/A - The 1055 Post Compilation 2012

Yeah!!!, the 1055th post! Hardcore readers of my blog know this was a sampler for the good old long long gone WildDevilRules Blog and I thought this compilation is today as well as four years ago. I want to thank everyone in the first place who helped me with advice and support, sent me nice emails & awesome music and those who left their comments. A big special thx goes to Fredrik, Reinhard & François which supply me with rare, new and interesting material and I hope our connection still holds on for long, You Three ROCKS!!! Further Henner & Sunny, Count Yorga (hope you all feel ok) and all those beautiful people who I forget, for YOU!! is this sampler made and of course, for my loyal followers. That time I was ready to close WDR because the trouble with mediafire was extremely annoying and all files were with a slip henceforth wiped. A lot of good Blogs closed and I was not alone with this shit and I cannot understand these methods but I say "Fuck Them", I just love this kind of hobby and the work I put in is so much as they can't push me so easy out..... I say "Fight Back" and keep your Blog alive it's worth it. Enough babbled, to the next coming years. No track list, let yourself be surprised, PROST!!!!

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