Wednesday, 21 December 2016

MORBID OUTBURST - My Explosion 1987

Band around Karl Nagel from Preußens Gloria which released an EP and this is the record by Morbid Outburst and here's everything at the right place, nice artwork and a fuckin' cool booklet and most of the lyrics are sung in English (translation in the insert) and they're playing trashy, explosive and eccentric HC/Punk. Their only album was released in 1987 via Funhouse Records. The provocative cover caused a furious protests of feminist circles and was also later censored (a sticker covered the dick). Karl Nagel, the singer of the band started by the way his political career in the Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany (APPD). Unfortunately he was not elected to the Chancellor. My voice he had. The band broke up in the same year and Karl founded the Militant Mothers. Overall, a very successful album that stays in my personal rankings near the top. Really sad that the band earned not much positive resonance what I can't understand... anyway this is a new rip with all scans.

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