Wednesday, 21 December 2016

IRON SHEIKS - Do You Sell Beer Here? 1988

"The Geatest Rock'N'Roll band to take stage. The Best there is, the Best there was and the Best there ever will be." That's the Iron Sheiks from Australia and there's a fuckin' excellent balance here. This debut mini album was released by Greasy Pop Records and what a rage, what a violence shown, unfortunately it's much too short!!! They remind me a little of the legendary Ami combo Crumbsuckers. Six powerful punk rock tunes (with a slight metal touch) in fifteen minutes and if I say again a Killer!!! one then I mean it. Yes, every record here is a Killer and you might wonder "The guy is stupid" and maybe I'm.... but that you should know better, otherwise you would not be here. No, trust me and with a record which is titled like this nothing could be wrong. You either believe it or leave. Incredible merciless stuff!

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