Monday, 12 December 2016

KILLRAYS - The Prisoner EP 1992

Long time ago since I've posted a Frankfurt band so now I end this losing streak. The Killrays here with their debut record, a nice four track EP which was released by the Frankfurt label Get Happy Records in different vinyl colors. Basically nothing has changed and they still play their own brand of melodic hardcore. Their first two albums came out on the controversial label Lost & Found Records where desingnated the band as the "German NOFX" in the hope to peddle more CDs and for such a ridiculous and inappropriate name-dropping, the band never had an understanding of themselves. "Lost & Found were indeed true champion there and also at our last CD, "On Common Ground" was the promotional work sometimes frightening" (Gitarrist Tom). They took the bold step and their third album "Dependence Day" was released on their specially created own label Keep Smiling and the resonance was overwhelmingly positive and many refer this as their best album (I've never heard it). Well, those of you who likes a discrete & melodic punkrock sound this record is highly recommended and all the others venture a click. 100% PunkRock!!!!

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  1. Well...I get your recommendation, Master. I'm sure I'll like it.Many thanks and have a great week (pre-Xmas...:))