Monday, 12 December 2016

BUST OUTS - I'm Too Shy 7'' 1981

And another firecracker from Finland from Bust Outs with their only record on Johanna Records. The band were Minttu (vocals), Kelloggs Bollocks (guitar), Jone (guitar+backing vocals), Saku (bass+backing vocals) and Arska (drums), sadly I have no more info, anyway. The sound is not so brutally punky as the Destroy killer but brilliant as well. Two new wave hymns, the title track is a six mintues melodic mid-tempo one with a nice guitar playin' and damn good lyrics and the flip comes also in a good pace therefore. Plus points of course the female's voice. Thanks at this point to mr/mrs. unknown for the reference to post this rare nugget. Sit down and cuddle ;)

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