Monday, 12 December 2016

SHATTERED DOLLS - Lipstick Killer EP 1980

And last but not least a rare goodie from the Wanted-List which appeared on ROX Records, the only single by the Shattered Dolls from Liverpool: Jaki (vocals), Gof (guitar) & at some point Paul (drums). The research in the Internet brings not much info about the combo so let's talk about the music. Four songs in good seventeen minutes and it's punk with a good rockin' touch. Of course, the female voice is fantastic (that's take it out for me) and Jaki is damn hot. Musically I find them a bit lame and no real smasher there but not every record is a burner. It's rare and who wants to have a say must also be able to enjoy such music. The band split in 1982 and the members went to other bands.

- Special Thx to Gen -

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