Tuesday, 27 December 2016

EA80 - Hinter Den Dingen 10'' 2000

EA80 is punk and all their albums are complete after some tough discussions, they don't need, see no point in pandering to the music industry that is why all records were released in a familiar, loving D.I.Y. manner and that's a good thing. A true gem in the german punk rock world is this strictly limited 10'' of 1400 copies which came out in 2000. Two beautiful ballads with a playing time of twenty minutes. The band also creates it full again and convince those who know only the fast and aggressive songs which are also fantastic (Licht!). Atmospheric, intense, anger and desperation wrapped in a guitar sound that is quite alone in this country. EA80 is a band which keep their standard high for over twenty years. This 10inch is one of the best records in the world and should be in every collection and incidentally, this is probably the most colorful EA80 cover and the next concert is not far away. Thanks a lot for this awesome music!


  1. Well...here we are , after the backlash ....and you present us another limited (gem) edition: thank you very much and enjoy these days (after next backlash....;))BTW (I'm listening to one of my old vinyls just now (Dennis Deyoung-Desert moon-1984: a mixture of A.O.R. with some synth touch) I Turn on my old record-player from time to time....Enjoy the days!

  2. great band, great record - thanks