Monday, 26 December 2016

V/A - Victim Of Safety Pin 2003

A request of a visitor from Poland next and I am happy because I didn't listen to the LP for a long time and so I came in touch again: Polski Punk Underground 1977-82. Released on Supreme Echo and 1100 copies were pressed. This record is absolute punk. The sound quality is not the best, sometimes close to the pain barrier but all these tunes are all originals, rare live and rehearsal recordings which would otherwise have remained lost in the eternal blackness and this would be fatal if you look at the songlists. On the MySpace site from Supreme Echo I have this for you: "The critically acclaimed, first and most accurate documentation on the development of punk, new wave, and hardcore in the former People's Republic of Poland. This document provides not only in depth history's of each band featured, but also a well constructed history of rock and roll in Poland, and it's eventual evolution into punk - and how it all fits into the sociological, cultural, and political world around it. Seriously, I feel that this is one of the most interesting and crucial pieces of punk rock's forgotten history, and I recommend it most highly.” (MRR-Nov.2003) - Seventeen songs, fourteen bands, twenty page booklet with massive essay and biographies (unfortunately not inside). - Top record and it's no wonder this sucker was quickly sold out.

1.Nowa Generacja - REJESTRACJA
2.Piosenka O Mojej Generacji - DEUTER
3.Swiety Szczyt - KRYZYS
4.Burdel - DEZERTER
5.Na Bliskim Wschodzie - BRAK
6.Nigdy I W Nic - DEUTER
7.Pictures - TILT
8.Am I Victim Of Safety Pin? - DEADLOCK
9.Zlodziej - KSU
10.Pulapka Na Szczury - NOCNE SZCZURY
11.We're Blazers - KRYZYS
12.Jestem Polakiem - TASS
13.Ufo - POE' ROCKS
14.Noca - KSU
15.Wodzowie - TZN XENNA
16.Warhead - KULT
17.Nie Jestem Tym Czym Ty - WALEK DZEDZEJ

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