Friday, 19 August 2016

EA80 - Licht! + 7'' 1989

Licht! is the fourth studio album by Germans primary punk band EA80 and is faster and rougher as other publications. When this came out I remember at that time I did my community service in Lüneburg and I bought the record somewhere in Hamburg. And I was so eager listen to the album and of course I had no record player there so I must wait two weeks to finally drive home and enjoy this fantastic piece of vinyl. That was a bloody torture I can tell you.... and then after the first listen I was completely blow away, "Wham!" and without exaggeration, the songs on this record are the best I have ever heard, not to top the optimal implementation of the lyrics (about love/sadness/confusion/desperation and reboot) played lyrically wonderful with the music. Their fourth album is for me one of the best punk records ever and has put many times my feet again on the ground in some dark stages of life. Notice: this album was released with a 7'' so don't buy without it. EA80 are and stay uncommercial and document the D.I.Y. spirit in an exemplary manner. Visit Heinrich's Einwegwelt blog for more rare studio, live and compilation material or use the search option in the top left! Unequalled until today.


  1. In der Tat, ein Highlight deutscher Musikgeschichte:
    simply famos!


  2. die Single anbei ist absolut Hammer, Marthy ist einer der besten EA80 Nummern. Ich danke dir für diesen fantastischen Rip! Great Blog außerdem. Weiter so....

    Diana aus Erfurt!