Saturday, 20 August 2016

PSYCHED UP JANIS - @ Roskilde 05.07.2014

Well, let's come to a very fuckin' special one and I promise: if you love this combo or you only know the Raveonettes then you will be amazed! Psyched Up Janis, my favourite danish band were surprisingly invited to the Roskilde Festival 2014 and with what they come across is just excellent. Nineteen powerful jewels which shows a very good overview of their albums plus rare B-side tracks of their 7inches, for me an absolute blast. All three gents in a top playin' mood and the sound is bombastic. I've banned this immediately on CD and it runs at full volume almost every day. This is music as I like, melodic, hard/soft, audible anytime and lyrics which rarely heard nowadays. Yeah, this is great stuff and this is cool and I regret to experience them not live. Thx to those who recorded and shoot the cool pictures which decorates the artwork, of course done by myself, and if you guess where I shoot the front cover then I will send you prompt a copy of this damn killer.

 I Died In My Teens/Vanity/Evil Beauty/Where The Lights Won't ShineEverything's A Blast/Modest Us/Strange Pier/Chandelier/Shoot The Breeze/New Five/Swirl Like You/Hopefully/Girls/Subsonic Why/I Think You Suck/Fragments/The Stars Are Out/Special One/Shudder


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