Saturday, 3 December 2016

COSMETICS - s/t LP 1982

Now female fronted and come to a band from beautiful Vienna and there's not really much info in the www. The Cosmetics were founded in 1981 by the producer-couple Gitti and Ernie Seuberth. 'Coconut Smoother' is their debut 7'' which was released on Lemon Records (Zitronenklang) and with their second single, 'Hello Man' they held for weeks at No.1 the Austria charts. At the Rennbahn-Express-Star selection-1981 they were voted as the most successful local band (before Chuzpe). Gitti Seuberth sang also in the new-wave band Minisex and with the director Niki List the theme song to his cult film (and there are not many in Austria) Müllers Büro. I'm really happy and grateful for this album because it's so fuckin 'rare and only a few know, it's worth to listen to every song. Excellent pop with a fat touch of punk (KBD fit). And the band's not afraid to play a few covers, examples: 'Last Time' by the Rolling Stones or 'Summertime Blues' by unforgotten Eddie Cochran. Curious? - Very good!!!!!

- Huge Thx to Reinhard -

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