Friday, 2 December 2016

PARAF - Prekinuti Koitus: 1978-1979

I love Yugo punkrock and Paraf are one of my favourite combo and first I need you to download their first album A Dan Je Tako Lijepo Počeo and read more about the band there. This nice compilation comes out via the Swedish label Ne! Records which focuse on ex-Yugoslavian punk rock music and on this record are, when I understand the inserts right, rare demo versions, live cuts and sampler goodies, the reason why I must estimate is simple: the artwork is excellent, gatefold sleeve, a lot of pics but all in Yugoslavian language, I don't really understand this and whether that brings for the rest of the world I don't think so, well, who gives a shit. Fact is: a successful record and every damn penny worth - So have a good start into the weekend and I'll be back tomorrow, Hallelujah!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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