Saturday, 3 December 2016

V/A - We Can Do Whatever We Want 1986

Hui, now it becomes more violent with this damn compilation released via BC Tapes & Records, no idea if this is first as a tape comin' out, does not really matter. Excellent hardcore stuff, mostly bands from Italy present and they bang everything neatly in two. But also the rest mercilessly attacks the heart and catapults the pulse upwardsTwenty-nine nuggets, somewhere pressed on the bands records but many only here banned, too bad the insert is a bit poor. 1700 copies pressed on black vinyl (this version). 300 copies were pressed on blue vinyl for mailorder. Egal, this record was also licensed in red vinyl by the Munich label Starving Missile in the same year with one extra dick.

1.Police, Police/Destroy - RAW POWER
2.Racist Money - RAW POWER
3.Fuck Authority (Live) - RAW POWER
4.You're A Waste Of Human Space - EAT THE RICH
5.Bored - EAT THE RICH
6.Red Riot (Live) - PSYCHO
7.No Way (Live) - PSYCHO
8.Last Kids From Nowhere (Live) - TRAUMATIC
9.World Without Hate - RATTUS
10.Ugly Corpses - RATTUS
11.Chocu Umeret (Live) - I REFUSE IT!
12.Bomb Threat - VIOLATION
13.Shut Up & Gimme - SNUFFLIX
14.Scenic View (Live) - SNUFFLIX
15.I Hate (The Families) (Live) - WAR DOGS
16.El Salvador (Live) - DETENTION
17.Dead Rockers (Live) - DETENTION
19.Spazi Di Potere - SHOCKIN' T.V.
20.Strange Land - TERVEET KÄDET
21.Uniti Sempre - WRETCHED
22.Nessun Diritto - WRETCHED
23.Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire - WRETCHED
24.Fuck Allegiance - NO RESPONSE
25.Rumori - PEGGIO PUNX
26.Non Siamo Come Voi - PEGGIO PUNX
27.Linea Diritta - PEGGIO PUNX
28.400 Fascists - C.C.M.
29.Foe Or Friend (Live) - C.C.M.

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