Wednesday, 16 November 2016

VACUM - Rädd För Tystnaden 1980

I'm today in a fine mood so I must post this really AWESOME!!!! Killer album by a band from Sundsvall. After two great '77 style EP's they recorded their first record which was released on Massproduktionen. This album contains sixteen songs, a few tracks are a little bit wave influenced but the most are brilliant KBD tunes and this is what makes this band/album so fuckin' special. They create a terrific deal with these small burr and I can only recommend this album. A little short bio (stolen from their MySpace page): "The first rehearsal with Cathrine Fandén was on the 14th of January 1979 and it worked at once. Then they convinced Stephans neighbour Lars Holma to join on bass and on the 23rd of March they had their first concert under the name of Smudge. On the next gig all the covers were gone and the band changed name to Vacum. On the 12th of August the band went to Gävle and during a few hours recorded and mixed six songs for their own EP and also the track Svartvitt for The Sundsvall Punk EP. Soon after that Cathrine moved to London to be au pair but Stephan and Mats did not give up and instead convinced another childhood friend Anders Olsson to join in on bass and also found drummer Sank Sankqvist who just got kicked out of Pizzoar. The first album was recorded in spring 1980 and during the recording they discovered that Cathrine also could play the piano, and had real talent for it, so soon after the release of the first album a synth was bought and Vacum had found its form. Most of the material was based on ideas of Cathrine that all the others contributed too. The first album opened a lot of doors and the band started touring a lot and the second album was recorded in MNWs studio in Vaxholm." Vacum became the most long-lived early punk bands - So enough words - the band calls for your Attention!

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