Wednesday, 16 November 2016

GOGOL 1ER ET LA HORDE - Vite Avant La Saisie 12'' 1983

Gogol Premier Et La Horde, scandal combo from France with their debut 12'' and here seven songs of pure energy. A bit info about the band: "Popularized by an artist's performance in the defunct show Les Enfants du Rock, where they appeared wearing cassock and whip, the Vite Avant La Saisie (Hurry Before Entering) was the first great success of the French punk scene. Wild and explosive, this first installment in a long series pogoter made a part of the youth in the 80's, on titles such as "Adolf, My Love", "It's Really Crazy Disco". Despite their advanced age, the album retains all the freshness of its beginnings and has become a "Masterpiece" of French punk. The six tracks on this 12'' (a standard for underground albums of the time) have not aged a day and always prove pleasurable to listen, especially for all the nostalgic who remember fondly have scratched their first guitar chords trying to reproduce the songs on the album." (Benjamin D'Alguerre) - So if you like their punk sound grap their Ce Que Je Veux Faire Quand Je Serai Grand 7'' with two more tunes.


  1. Hilarious and obscene lyrics .Black listed everywhere.
    One day , iwill make a translation of this shit.

  2. haha, translation of this shit would be welcome and thanks for all these last vinyls (included that "greatest shits" (lol)...have a nice (not shit :D) Weekend

  3. TY for your post. Just a quick note though:''Saisie'' in this context, means ''Seizure''