Thursday, 17 November 2016

N.L. CORRUPTION - Greatest Shit Vol.1 EP 1982

Now a sought piece of vinyl from the Wanted-List and this rare record is the only release by this combo from Krimpen, I guess a self-released one on NL Corrupte Kankerzooi Records. Five songs which are really not the absolute burners and who paid a lot of money for this, no doubt a rar platte, has a brain damage. Well, the first is sung in dutch, comes sluggish stamping out, the 2nd is a nice mid-tempo number, really fine, #3 has lyrics I like, about the fuckin' consume and is also a good song, followed by the shortest one and the last one is my favourite, brilliant guitar intro, monotonous rhythm and it's an instrumental (btw, I love such long beginnings without words), a real KBD smasher. My Resume: a decent record which is not bad but I know better stuff!

- Great Thx to Henner -