Friday, 11 November 2016

KJØTT - s/t 12'' 1980

Weekend, YEAH! Soon soccer comes but it's a litte time until then so let's visit the north of Europe: Oslo! The bands music style is punk rock and the lyrics where in norwegian and that's Kjøtt, a short lived band which existed from 1979-1981 and the absolute innovation, which meant that time to sing snotty texts in Norwegian, make the five during the short time of their existence to one of the top punk bands from Norway. Singer Helge Gaarde sounds hysterical, the music is rough, melodic and pretty cool. Kjøtt change with screeching tires the tempo and a small infatuation with two-tone shades. I added one from the 'Hue Uten Sanser EP' and three cuts from the 'Op. LP'. So enjoy this classic pearl from the vikings and say hurray!!!!