Thursday, 10 November 2016

DER SCHWARZE KANAL - Der Endgültige Abschluß Des Erdgasröhrengeschäfts! 1988

Der Schwarze Kanal was a nice combo from Hamburg, active in the 80's and was named after the East German "Propaganda" television program with Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler. The band released only one album (one of the first releases of L'Age d'Or), which is now almost impossible to get and was dissolved under dubious circumstances. Recorded & mixed March to September 1988. I bought the record in Hamburg when I did my community service that time. The label L'Age d'Or writes: "The band, who always had bad luck and only after resolution of the renown that would have actually earned during their lifetime, but this is it, US-brachialguitar meets European songwriter tradition." Nine pretty cool songs for everybody and a rougher version of 'In The Park' can be found on the rare Vorwärts tape compilation from 1987.

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