Friday, 11 November 2016

V/A - The Punx (Street Movement) 1985

It's a bit time up to the game so therefore a fuckin' astreine compilation from the Nippon area, originally released in 1985 as a cassette, which came together with a 84-page book detailing the history and discography of Japanese punk/hardcore scene and was limited to 160 copies and here is the vinyl version of this damn sucker. An unofficial release with crazy assholemoderate punk/hardcore stuff from the japanese créme de la créme as we all know it. Whether it is rare or not, the light will tell you, haha... 乾杯!

1.Opposite War - LAUGHIN' NOSE
2.Hell Home - LAUGHIN' NOSE
3.World Peace - GAS
4.The Evil Of The World - GAS
5.Shoot To Kill - G.I.S.M.
6.G.I.S.M. - G.I.S.M.
7.The End - WILLARD
8.Stinky Vice - WILLARD
9.Price Of Innocence - LIPCREAM
10.Bandit - LIPCREAM
11.Worrier's Rock - COBRA
12.Worst Song - COBRA



  1. Thanks for this "Fucking comp." as you said, Have a nice "Soccering" weekend ;)

  2. I'm falling asleep, hahaha ... boring match.. nice weekend, Lord!