Friday, 25 November 2016

DIE GOLDENEN VAMPIRE - Hinter Der Grünen Tür 1982

Now such a real strange piece of vinyl from a time when musically in Germany all was possible. The Berlin label Zensor has consistently done produce and publish interesting records. Die Goldenen Vampire are a band that has stuck in the middle and pulled out their own thing. Remember doing the whole concept almost a little of the very early stuff from Der Fluch, but less punk, bands like Geisterfahrer and the Cramps may have left their influences. This also is a decent pinch of common rock and roll feel, so that a comparison with the later active Vampire State Building is not very far. Horror texts, NDW-Wave-Gothic-early music and a creepy cover art make me spontaneously much fun and I'm wondering if the band has released even more, and what happened to the musicians yet. Who likes the sound of Der Fluch of Geisterfahrer should take the drive and try this rare Mini-LP. The record is nowadays quite expensive, because you might not often find a copy in your hands. (Alexander Pohle)

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