Thursday, 24 November 2016

SUBTERRANEAN KIDS - Los Ojos De La Víctima 1987

All right, it's getting a bit faster with the Subterranean Kids, a Spanish hardcore punk band from Barcelona which were founded in 1985. They remained active until 1997, havin' published four albums and this is their debut on Patizambo Records, thirteen awesome shit numbers in twenty minutes, oh hell Yeah, this is European hardcore and they must not hide behind the American bands which are nevertheless unique in this genre. Inspired by the People To The Pit compilation which I post a few days ago, I search my hard-drive and can now post this genius hardcore classic for your deaf ears with a decent portion of white wine - Cool Shit!



  1. guay; lo disfrutaré con una copa de Vino blanco como tú jaja...
    (Translation...or so haha: Wow; I will enjoy this one with a cup of White wine , as you haha....Well my friend...Have a nice weekend!