Saturday, 26 November 2016

V/A - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland #2 1998

Northern Ireland's underground music is not only populated with good punk bands, foremost known primarily for excellent powerpop stuff and this Bloodstains compilation proves this clearly with seventeen varied melodic goodies. As on Volume 1 a first-rate picking and this record was hard to get, believe me, and kicks the gray November Saturday full in the ass, I hate such days (must be in the sun....immediately). Anyway, enjoy the weekend and start with this sound!

1.All I Wanna Do (Is Rock'n Roll) - PROTEX
2.Don't Tell The Detectives - THE ZIPPS
3.Set Me Free - TINOPENERS
4.The Pressure's On - RUDI
5.Big Check Shirts - SHOCK TREATMENT
6.Bloody Bouncers - CONTROL ZONE
7.Numbers - STAGE B
9.Contrast Disorder - THE DOUBT
10.Light At Your Window - DETONATORS
11.I'm Sorry - TEARJERKERS
12.Just Friends - DOGMATIC ELEMENT
13.Johnny Johnny - CONTROL ZONE
14.Young Rebel - FAMILY OF NOISE
15.I Need You - VICTIM
16.Teenage Love Song - P45
17.I Can Help - THE PEASANTS


  1. indeed a rare record - thanks!


  2. Wow cool beyond all doubt!! Looking forward to my year of '17' as my name is Patrick (March 17th) and I was born on the 17th of August! Good tidings my friend and you have the best punk blog out there hands down! Always a thrill ride!!! Old pal Viacom

    1. thx for the flowers, you have it Via! Prost!

  3. Hi, I am looking for a copy of Bloodstains across Northern Ireland Volume 1 1998,would you have any idea how I would go about looking for this, I played in a Band called Midnite Cruiser who have 2 tracks on this.

    1. Oh dear, your kidding me?? Read the description and click the orange letters and VOILA!