Saturday, 1 October 2016

V/A - Brain Attack EP 1988

Oktober, autumn has arrived, cold & rainy and I rip a lots of cool records since three hours. Another Higlight in the German punk rock history is this inconspicuous release with four exclusive songs on Postive Destruction Records. The EP opened by the Nikoteens who were founded 1979 in Ingolstadt and their contribution is a fuckin' killer, high-speed hardcore punk at it's finest and there exist a pretty cool video of this song, maybe you know it. Los Comas come from the north of the republic and play beautiful melodic punk rock and their song is a pearl that leaves you wanting more. The Drowning Roses most likely already be known, they have a split 7'' with NOFX and a brilliant album on Weird System released. 'Tommy's Life' is exclusively recorded for this mini-sampler and was also a small work of art. Notwehr from Bochum round it with their hardcore attack the eavesdropping pleasure off, and I promise you all friends of the sublime taste the download here is strongly recommend. Limited to 1000 copies, fitted with a nice lyric sheet, no weak points. So must be a record!

1.Leader Of The Rotten Corpse - NIKOTEENS
2.Another Kind Of Death - LOS COMAS
3.Tommy's Life - DROWNING ROSES
4.The Same Again - NOTWEHR


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