Monday, 3 October 2016

MEKAANISET KAKUT - Mä Voin Kertoa Sulle 7'' 1981

Start today with this rare classic and believe me, these two songs blow you away. Released via the famous Finnish label Poko Rekords and the band is only one person, Timo Sinivaara and he sings, plays guitar and uses a drum machine which gives the songs a decent rhythm and the necessary hardness, maybe the first Elektropunk record....I have the 7Inch played five times in a row because it's so damn catchy. Unfortunately the only record of him, the title track was later used for the awesome Kovimmat Takaiskut compilation. Now I'll leave you alone with this beauty and play it fuckin' loud!


  1. thank you very much, wildman; I will turn up the (fuckin') volume as you say.Have a nice October's beginning (here, at midday is still near 30 degrees (bloody hell haha :) )

  2. Lucky you .... I want that too.....