Monday, 3 October 2016

PARAF - Fini Dečko 7'' 1981

After the debut album A Dan Je Tako Lijepo Počeo Paraf changed their singer and I would say the new female voice of Vim Cola has their music well done (not the old one was bad). I think her influence gives the sound a bit more wave and melancholy and this 7Inch is a good example. Side a is a solid driving punk cracker while the flip is a six minute melodramatic, with keyboard shifted, piece of cream. Translated, the songs called 'Sad Ears' and seems to float around the room. Pretty unusual for a punk band or.... but some bands mastering a style change without being boring and Paraf show it here impressively.


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  1. Interesting! Danke schön WDM!


    Fernando :)