Friday, 30 September 2016

V/A - Are We Too Late For The Trend... 1979

And the answer of course is: YES! This record was a long fuckin' time on my Wantedlist and I thought to buy the platte but the horror prices which a few require are outrageous. I like to spend some money for music but I have limits you know. I guess you go there as well. - This rare compilation on ESR Records features Texas bands and is a fine collection of varied styles and gives a shiny impression what's going on in this era. Are some sagging tunes there but all in all a good record. So folks, that was a long fuckin' day and now I turn into a broccoli and lay myself down and look forward to the extra long weekend.

1.My Face Is On Your Lunch Box - VOMIT PIGS
2.Siamese Love - PLASTIC IDOLS
3.Solid Ground - THE TELEFONES
4.Giant Girl In The 5th Grade - THE INFANTS
5.So Sorry - BARRY KOODA
6.We're Not Here - BLINDATE
7.Rocket, Rocket - E=MC²
8.Dead Dogs - THE SKUDS
9.Nightmare In My Closet - CONTROL
10.Whips & Midgets - SMEGMA
12.I Love Your Neurosis - NERVEBREAKERS
13.Karen Ann - SNAKES

- Big Thx to François -

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