Friday, 30 September 2016

V/A - Breaking The Silence EP 1987

Let's fade out September with two more compilations and first this nice 7Inch with four bands, released by German label Artcore, 1000 copies in yellow vinyl. Homo Picnic from Philadelphia with two rough goodies and a cool start, next Kazjurol from Söderbörke with an excellent Hardcore goal. Side b kicks off with Quod Massacre from Belgrade and this goodie is my personal winner, melodic guitar meets mid-tempo punk, they released an awsome tape in 1986 called Fait Accomply 83-86 and last but not least the Instigators from Dewsbury with a live track which was recorded in Berlin, more words are superfluous. Solid picking!

1.We Need More - HOMO PICNIC
2.Part Of The Race - HOMO PICNIC
3.The Human Force - KAZJUROL
5.Not Free (Live) - INSTIGATORS

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