Friday, 28 October 2016

JETZT! - Acht Stunden Sind Kein Tag 7'' 1984

With Jetzt! we have another fuckin' rare 7Inch which is not really a punk record but these two wave goodies are not bad and I don't know where I got the mail. Anyway, usually first a tape is recorded and then comes the record (if some ass is pitying) but this four piece combo did it the other way. Released by Fast Weltweit/Hit-&-Run Records is this their only piece of wax and the lyrics are query and direct, musically a melodic mix of Schrammelsound, almost a light hippie touch I would say. In 1987 they push two tapes afterwards and then they disappeared. In between they contribute three songs on the Fast Weltweit Präsentiert compilation from 1986 (taugt der was?). Na leiht den Herren eure Ohren und heute Abend ist Fußball.

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