Saturday, 29 October 2016

SIF RECORD'S - Öst Och Väst 7'' 1983

This rare record is by a Punk band from Borås/Sweden and was released on Vinylbolaget and they not mentioned in the Bible Encyclopaedia Of Swedish Punk by Peter Jandreus (certainly overlooked), but there are so many excellent bands coming from Sweden so this may happen. Sif Record's is a fine mix of wave and punk. The a-side sounds almost like a wavy folklore song, very quiet held and the flip comes with more tempo and especially the beginning with these electronic beat is phenomenal, a classic kbd nugget (this track was taken for the Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3+4 compilation). Well, an interesting plate in any case.

- Extra Special Thx to Fredrik -

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  1. Thank you so much Wildman; I wish you a Happy Halloween and nice incoming November :)