Friday, 28 October 2016

GRUPO PARLAMENTAR - Na Minha Terra 7'' 1982

Oh folks I'm k.o., nose close, head is booming and my taste is stunned, I'm total im Arsch. And what really piss me off is lying all day in bed and getting well, GRRRRR.... Well, at least I can present you a sensational record of a Portuguese band, their only one which came out via Rádio Triunfo. Two great songs between punk and powerpop with organ and pretty rockin'. About the band I have no info and from Portugal came not much stuff (correct me) but what I know is damn brettig, a must have!


  1. Well, My English is not right but I notice that you are in a tough cold, so I hope yo feel better during weekend.Thsnks for the newest posts and Happy Halloween :)

    1. thx brother, I need a warm place next to bed.