Thursday, 27 October 2016

PEGGIO PUNX - Cattivi Maestri 1989

Kick the sickness away with the Peggio Punx, a hardcore punk group from Alessandria (a small city in the north of Italy) & they were active from 1982-1989. Named as "Peggio Punk" and quick become "Peggio Punx" and the band was notable for the often experimental music (in the first distorted guitar album "type mandolin, until the very last pieces away from the canons punk - hardcore), and for working hard and reflective lyrics, words openly sympathetic to the current self far-left 'workers autonomy' that make them one of the most politically punk decided and deployed the entire Italian scene. In the early eighties very popular in the Italian scene, active incident to the social self "Subbuglio" of Alessandria and participating in numerous concerts, alongside bands like Wretched, CCM, Raw Power, etc., around the occupied social centers peninsula. Their self-produced discs are in the full spirit of DIY punk admittedly more "busy". It was recently reprinted a collection containing their discography, and also thanks to this reissue even worse now Punx are one of punk/hardcore Italian most popular ever.

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