Monday, 5 September 2016

THE CAUZE - Stockholms Bomb 7'' 1981

Holy Shit, these descriptions here are sometimes hurt my balls and read this anyone at all? - What shall I write about this band?? I don't know, never heard of them until now. Hmmm, what I know there is a song on the Killed By Death #99 compilation which is a tape but I never see this. Anyway, the Cauze is a total mystery to me, don't know where they from or any releases and this 7'' is I guess their only record. What's on it? Legitimate question, haha - two goodies of some sort of pop/punk/rock (mod) but not shitty you know. The songs have charm & the guitars cry out for toothpaste, both are sung in wonderful Swedish dialect and I like this a lot. I mean honestly, who make it with a song on a KBD sampler is a) rare and b) damn good, any doubts?

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Ha ha , I see that lp's introductions are sometimes a rough problem for you, well. let's go to download this "Holy shit", by the way (lol) I guess that "hurt my balls" expression could be in Spànish: "Me toca las pelotas" Pelotas=Balls Hurt: "herir" moves to coloquial expression "tocar" haha I wish you a nice week and thank you for your English lessons

  2. haha....graciás for the spanish translation, have those balls that hang heavy and bob with such sound, haha.....

  3. CAUZE war ein Mod-Trio von der Insel Lidingö (Großraum Stockholm), welches sich 1980 gründete und leider nur die beiden Songs dieser Single für Lars E. Carlsson's Päng Label einspielte.

  4. zu Deiner Suchliste:
    "Toll Gate Ahead" ist eine 10" und der '82-iger Poko-Sampler heißt "Kovimimat Takaiskut". Ansonsten: die TYPHOONS Single ist rein instrumental (Coverversion des TELSTAR Hits von 1961 auf der A-Seite!), BLOATED TOADS klingen mehr nach KILLING JOKE als nach den SEX PISTOLS und auf ihrer zweiten Single machen Wales' MIRRORS eher Hard Rock.

    1. danke für die Aufklärung, hast du was davon?