Sunday, 4 September 2016

V/A - Effenaar EP 1982

Now an obscure record from the Wanted List is called Effenaar and we have four bands with seven not typical mid-tempo numbers, it's a bit of GRRR style and the first three are very experimental, somehow I know such sound only from our neighbors and partly reassured me this immensely. With Tubifex the single rides on and goes rough and energetic, Big Sigars is almost hardcore and the last two shine with female voice and goes stomping in, reminds a little of The Ex, not bad. Overall interesting fifteen minutes.

 1.Pos, Sleeuwen - RABBIT FUN
2.Two Lives, One Step - VOVO KAI
3.The Kariboe Twist - VOVO KAI
4.Symbols Of Hate - TUBIFEX
5.Big Sigars - TUBIFEX
6.Bury Them With Their Names - VIVA LA MUERTE

- Special Thx to Donut Duck -


  1. viva la muerte's guitar player/singer (erik) later teamed up with Tjeerd (Sonny Vincent's Dons)to start the infamous dutch punk-trash-blues duo LO LITE.They played all over Europe and released a couple LP's/CD's on various record labels. See link for additional info.

    I was roommates with erik around the time lo lite started playing. I don't think he had this effenaarcompilation himself. So I'll forward him the link. Hey he might even post a comment with some info about the release.