Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Today I'm comin' up with a split record and the follow up is an extreme rare copy (hand numbered to 500 copies) which was released Broken Heart Records. Let's start side a with the Incredible Staggers (formerly The Staggers) and they are an Austrian 60's-garage-trash-surf-rock & roll band from Graz. The band say about themselves: "The 2002 launched 60s garage punk and rock & roll band "The Staggers" from Graz/Vienna has both musically and visually quite prescribed the late 50s and early 60s, the sis freaks in tailor-made yarn and Chelsea boots are mainly related to one hit wonders various 'Back From The Grave' compilations or legends like Screamin Lord Sutch, but they are not free from surf influences. Alright you Nerds and Finks prepare for an onslaught of primitive beats, chainsaw guitars and the eerie farfisa sound. It's raw! It's frantic! It's horrifying! It's the Staggers!!!" And the band keeps its promises: you expect five terrific rock'n'roll surf numbers of the finest. The b-side is just as nice. Skeptic Eleptic from St. Pölten, founded in winter of 1999 by bassist Mots T. Sux, Thoms'n'Roll (drums), Tom Mohawk (guitars) and singer Sickboy Eleptic. The band describe their music simply as punk rock and they found in the early stages yet increasingly influences of hardcore and street punk, so in the meantime their music has developed into a mixture of punk/garage/surf/psychedelic/ trash/pop and rock'N'roll. The band insists that it will not be forced into a certain genre corner. In 2009 the band broke up. Both bands have numerous records out and if you like a decent rock'N'roll surf punk sound then get this ten blasts and Go Go Go!

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

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