Sunday, 14 August 2016

ZER-BIZIO? - Sentimientos Y Venganzas 1986

This afternoon starts the new soccer season of the Eintracht with a friendly match versus a Spanish club: Celta Vigo. Perfect time to watch the Iberian peninsula and visit Bilbao in the Basque country. There were formed in the 80s Zer-Bizio?, a punk combo who participated in the musical movement known as Basque radical rock. Their songs are a decent mix of punk, ska and rock. They were like some of their contemporaries like Eskorbuto, La Polla Records, Kortatu etc... the forerunners of what is now the Basque Rock and part of the current musical history of the region and Zer-Bizio's music also came to the American continent, influencing groups of Mexico and Argentina, among others. The lyrics are characterized by aggressiveness and personal frustrations, sexual and psychological transgression, social, political commitment, personal and political violence speak; letters with cuts simplistic nature and rebellious adolescence. This debut record on Discos Suicidas is full with nineteen damn cool killer punk goodies and was to date not re-released on CD, long live vinyl - Top album in every way!


  1. There were so many radical gropus in Basque Country (in fact they still keep on trying their independence from Spain,but it's Catalonia the province that is trying to break any Spanish's law & Spanish Constitution: We've got a hard problem with them. Well, as for this group I know it, so thank you very much and nice Sunday and it's funny ...Celta (from Vigo,hehe)