Saturday, 13 August 2016

V/A - Compilation Vol.1 1989

Now an underground compilation with much curious stuff. Besides the well-known bands such as Inferno, MFD, Bobwire and A.K.P. are here mostly young unknown German bands exclusively represented, and the sound range from rehearsal room recordings, studio and live cuts. Sometimes full of noisy tones which reminds me of cut a tree down, you know. The musical range goes from melodic punk to hardcore, one great wave song and always with a good portion tempo under the ass. Probably appeared in small copies and unfortunately no detailed information inside, hmm, that's something I don't like but fuck it! records are made to listen to it and not for read. I've bought the vinyl at the last record fair here and do not regret it. So here stands Volume 1 but I think a sequel was never released. Enjoy the music!

1.Happiness - IMAGES
2.Skater - LOVE LOCKS
3.Rotten Fruits - CRY OF TERROR
4.Leben (Live) - A.K.P.
5.Gnut Of Today - SEHIRLI GNUT
6.Storm - M.F.D.
7.Deutschland - ENTWARNUNG
8.Your's Not Mine - X-WOOLHEAD
9.Leaflets On The Shower-Ground - CONCRETE UNDERPASS
10.Country Roads - JOHN DENVER CLAN
11.Are They Nothing - INFERNO
12.Most Of You (Live) - BAD ATTITUDE
13.1986 - BOBWIRE
14.Jesus Fucking Christ - INVISIBLE VIOLENCE
15.Fistful Of... - ANAL FIST
16.Loss - THORNS
17.A...Total (Machos Fuck Off) - BARSCHELS UNTERHOSEN
18.Drifting Away - SKYLIGHT

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