Wednesday, 10 August 2016

SLAM - Ingens Slav 1984

Slam was formed 1982 in Gävle/Sweden by five skaters who shared a common music interest, but with none or little band experience. They started as Destroy with their first gig at Paletten Sätra, after rehearsing only for some weeks. About a year later their first recordings released as a tape in January 1983. They were active playing most local and national gigs. Their records were on their own label and sold by independent distributors all over. Their first full length album came in 1984 called Ingens Slav. In 1985 they appeared with a track for the american skate magazine Thrashers skaterock vol.3 compilation "Wild Riders Of Boards". Same year they were also participating on the compilation of european punk bands called Chaos In Europe, on the French New Rose label. Slam split in 1987 and played their last show at the now defunct Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. - Excellent Scandinavian Punkrock. -

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