Monday, 8 August 2016

RF7 - All You Can Eat 1995

This one's from the Wanted-List and I'm happy to have this finally. This CD is a compilation from early records and it's called Volume 1 (Details in the file). A litte info from wikipedia: "RF7 is a long-lived, southern California punk rock band that began in 1979 by Felix Alanis and small time child star of the Sheriff John show Nick Lamagna. Felix also began the record label Smoke Seven Records and signed his band and many others who were ignored by the big labels then, such as Bad Religion, JFA, Crank Shaft, Sin 34, Youth Gone Mad, etc. From the beginning, the RF7 sound was not clearly punk but really what would be called today hardcore punk. Felix Alanis has always mixed middle class virtues with strange religious imagery in his lyrics. Nick Lamagna added guitar and music that had a twist more "rock" than some punks preferred. Walt Phelan added a drummer's drumming, and the bass player seemed to always change, with Robert Armstrong perhaps being the most solid recorded bass man from 1980–83, and again on 1990's classic Traditional Values album." And a review: "Musically to the point is absolute no melodic here, not Orange County or stuff like this, rather coarse HC/punk sound à la Germs. Music from a time when punk rock, especially destruction was ("Punk then what about taking speed, waiting in line, bumming change, drinking, and if all went well, a really big fight," said Nick LaMagna of RF7) and songs, which was titled "Violence" and just sounded." More in an interview can be read here. I say, this sound is fuckin' delicious at a boring day.

- Extra Special Thx to Reinhard -

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