Monday, 15 August 2016

DIE ANGST - 1000 Jahre EP 2009

Die Angst is the follow up of the punk band L.S.K. and they at home in a very dark gloomy sound. They released a five track demo CD called "Die Angst Kennt Deinen Namen" which was released on their own label Moon Records in 2004 in a small edition. Slowly it going, a few gigs followed and in 2009, Thought Crime Records released this three track EP and the label stopped the distribution one week after release. Why, read here the statement von Thought Crime Records: "Due to information that has been brought to my attention now, I have decided to stop selling the EP by German band Die Angst that just recently was released on Thought Crime Records. The reason is that I found out that one member of the band also plays in a very dodgy Dark Wave band called Sonne Hagal. As I now discovered, Sonne Hagal is pretty big in the German Dark Wave scene, playing to audiences of a few hundred up to 1000+. I have no idea what percentage of their audience you could call right wing or straight up fascist, but it's certain that they have some sort of Nazi following.

They have played with Fire and Ice, Ian Read's (ex Death In June) new band. Ian Read is an open right winger and sort of key figure in the Dark Wave Nazi/Fascist sub-scene. He also appears on one of Sonne Hagals records. As far as Die Angst, I know all three members of the band come from an anti-fascist, left-wing background. 

I have no idea how one of them manages to live in such a schizophrenic situation though. Whatever his reasons might be, it's pretty fucked up. I don't think any of the lyrics or band politics of Die Angst are questionable at all. I just don't want to be associated with anything a band like Sonne Hagal does, so it's obvious thatI don't want to support another band that shares a member with them. I decided to leave the mp3 on the website for a while, mainly to give you better picture. That's it for now."

I think that's a little excessive because Die Angst is a damn good German punk band and deserves more attention. Well, another method to make records rare. Speak your mind!

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