Tuesday, 23 August 2016

VOID SECTION - Virus 1995

Classic melodic punkrock from one of the oldest -still active- Belgian bands. Void Section find its roots back in 1989. "They from the Antwerp/Heist-op-Den-Berg and they are one of the oldest melodic punkrockbands of Belgium and they are already active for about 15 years, spewing out fast and catchy punkrocktunes. Having played with bands like NO FX, Bad Religion, Ten Foot Pole and so many other classic punkrockbands, they've gained a loyal fanbase that feels related to the music this combo is playing. Void Section has released several albums in the past, working together with various record labels like Tune records or the Brussels based I Scream records, but were looking for a label where they would feel part of the family and that's how they got hooked up with funtime records. With labelmates/punkrock collegues like Five Days Off, Homer, Cranck or Shandon, they're more than motivated to join the punkrocktrain. In october of 2003, Void Section has spend a month in the Grindhouse Studio to work on their new album. This album is their 2nd, released on Tune Records and is a blistering collection of fifteen melodic punkrocksongs." (info from Funtime Records).

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