Monday, 22 August 2016

BILLY KARLOFF & THE EXTREMES - Let Your Fingers Do The Talking 1981

You lucky because it's rainy weather today so I'm in a postin' ecstasy. Let's move to the U.K. and find this nugget and I grab some info for you from Ira Robbins: "In 1977, Billy Karloff & the Goats regularly gigged at the Roxy, London's fabled punk venue, and made an obscure album called The Maniac. Having been enjoined from using the name Billy Karloff & the Supremes, a later incarnation (including ex-Tom Robinson Band drummer Dolph Taylor) ultimately became the Extremes. For reasons unknown, this unreconstructed Sham 69-like punk band wound up with an American label deal and recorded a glossily produced batch of sarcastic shouters. No big deal." More details on Bored TeenagersBut this even: the line-up featured Karloff, Neil Hay (guitar), Paul Jeiman (guitar), Dolphin Taylor (drums ex – ‘Tom Robinson Band’ later ‘Stiff Little Fingers’ / ‘Spear Of Destiny’) and bassist Glen Buglass. It was this incarnation that recorded the 1981 album “Let Your Fingers Do The Talking” and the singles “Headbangers”/“Don’t Keep Me Down” and “Summer Holiday”/“It’s Too Hot”, though a second album “The Vinyl Solution” remains unreleased to this day. The first 7Inch Crazy Paving was released on Warner as well and is a nice two-sided-pop goodie. Sadly, Billy passed away in 2003. Now you are sufficiently informed and I urge you to get this album immediately.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Billy Karloff....great stuff today, many thanks and By the way here rains a few times in one all year and Summer is so longer....fucking sun and it's so hot here...Wishing October comes hehe.Have a nice week

    1. Yeah, its a fuckin' cool record.
      I hate rain and love heat, and I fool go to such places and pay for it... crazy or?

  2. Billy karloff. Best EVer. BTW, I have Vinyl solution, so I guess it's been released.

  3. billy karloff band3 January 2018 at 19:26

    really? where did you get that

  4. oh yea, I gave it to you, lol