Monday, 22 August 2016

GENETIKS - @ Waggon/Offenbach 15.11.2012

Every year comes not only the Christ child. No!, but also the fabulous Genetiks from Nuremberg. And since this is so, one must in the best location in the Rhine-Main area is in my calendar every year. On November 15, 2012 a joyous evening was announced in the Waggon (Offenbach) again because the German wave-punks from Franconia played the last gig of their successful "Mommy, Can I Go Out & Tour Tonight?" Tour. In a good Misfits tradition the four boarded the stage and ensured with their enthusiasm and charm for warm temperatures at every visitor (I remember it was a damn cold autumn evening). The song selection provided an excellent cross-section of their three albums and the sound was pretty loud and sometimes chaotic. The cozy Waggon atmosphere is magic. It's as when the concert is in your own living room and at any moment could be the neighbor with the cops at the door and they get puked in the face, as always. And this great feeling is what distinguishes the Waggon and I like being there. A true gem of our subculture. I think for every band which play there is this something special and the recordings here confirm this. The Genetiks played a fantastic concert and gave us once again a memorable evening. The sound qualitiy is again superb and an impulsive 80s punk rock with electric elements from 2011 is posted here. Let the band know what you think and get in touch: Genetiks or MySpace or fakebook. If your band like to play in the Waggon too or you're wanna enjoy a nice evening then visit the Blog or MySpace. Appendix: I'm not quite sure but I think the band has dissolved... would be a pity. Now for me this exceptional evening a beautiful and unforgettable memory, Fuck God!

Intro/Punx Not Dead/Prager Fenstersturz/Rom/Held/Affenliebe/Jeden Tag Kuchen/1946/Hexenjagd/Kein Gott/Keine Neue Heimat/Ceaucesku/Zombie Aus Rust/Zwei Schritte/Nachts In Deutschland/Natürlich/Astronaut/Du Kämpfst/P.N.T.

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