Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MUFF POTTER - Bordsteinkantengeschichten 2000

Back in 1993 anyone gave me the demo tape "Bambule - Kleine Geschichten" from this German punk band from Rheine and meantime I've lost it. But I was pleased with their music and I bought their records. Muff Potter describe their style of music as Angry Pop Music, influenced by English and American Indie-/Punkrock like Hüsker Dü, Wipers, Leatherface, but also of German bands like Slime, ...But Alive, Boxhamsters or EA80. In their early days they played Punkrock with profound lyrics without striking or strongly politically phrases. That's what I like, direct in your face!!!! Was the sound during their first records a bit scrapy the band gets with every album musically better & better and in my opinion their first three albums are still angry, desperate, honest, snotty and simply delicate. And by listen to the fourth, I suddenly lost my interest, something had gone, I don't know what but I never come in with the new stuff. You probably know that? Kinda like cycling without a saddle, beer without alcohol, a pale facade... Anyhow, Bordsteinkantengeschichten was finally out and I was eager and it's their best record to date. I remember how often the platte runs up and down, every fuckin' time. They recorded a lot songs for this album and two songs doesn't find a place on the album and were released as 7inch, called the Potthoff EP, spiced up with a witty outro. Both released on the bands own label Huck's Plattenkiste. Every song is great; my favourites are 'Take A Run At The Sun', 'Das Siegerlied', 'Unkaputtbar' and 'An Der Bordsteinkante'. If you have a wire to the bands mentioned above then you must listen to Muff Potter. Salut!!!

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