Friday, 5 August 2016

PACK - Vinyl 1978

Pack were founded in 1977 and were the first punk band in Munich, known for their extremely thrilling and explosive live performances, Pack are Jörg Evers (ex-Amon Düül II), who yearned for more "direct & straight forward" music after a trip to London, Daniel Alluno and Gerard Carbonell. Still in 1977, they recorded a single called 'Com' On' in a former WW2 bunker, released by Teldec in 1978. Of course, they claim this to be the first true punk record, while others say they're hippies. The following debut album does not seem to have been so successful and I cannot understand that and it was the last. The opener "We Better Get Ready" is an absolute gem of trashy, noisy punk and today this album is an awesome great example for early punk'n'roll. Performing at the nationally known and respected PN Club, where even Jimmy Hendrix and the Rolling Stones had occurred, the audience has demolished completely the entire club facility. Punk has come a long way.


  1. Great write up Wild, looks very interesting...first punk single is called 'com'on.....ooooohhhh come on, you can't be serious!

  2. hehehe...voll die hippies!