Thursday, 4 August 2016

EMPIRE - Expensive Sound 1981

Here's a fantastic album and the only one by Empire, a band which founded 1980, after leaving famed post-punk band Generation X (featuring Billy Idol), guitarist Bob "Derwood" Andrews and drummer Mark Laff formed the band along with bassist Simon Bernal. Initially an instrumental band, when no singer surfaced Andrews deputised on vocals. They released one single 'Hot Seat' and one album 'Expensive Sound', both of which went re-issued with bonus tracks in 2003 by Poorly Packaged Products.

That's a bit info from their facebook appearance (written by Tiziano Caliendo) there you can read all. For me are all eleven songs cool, melodic, rockin' and a clear voice. Sure a few weak here too, especially the 7Inch track is damn lame, and the last two at the end are also mist but with 'Today' and 'Electric Guitar' two must listenings. Ach, I don't give a shit and it's a nice litte one and you have probably thirty-three minutes of your valuable time left. Surprisingly good!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -



  1. I loved Generation-x, then Gen X and afer that Billy Idol.I've still got all original cds (and out of print box sets of Billy and his previous group as I said before), So ,Thank you very much bro!

  2. Great album thanks!!! Lost the LP when my water heater burst...

  3. not bad at all

  4. Excellent! Thanks for posting!