Thursday, 4 August 2016

GRRR - s/t LP 1983

Of all the Wormer family groups GRRR, beyond his name that is not conducive to discussion, is certainly the most misunderstood of the unknown. GRRR is a closely guarded secret and will remain so forever. This album is released under the mantle in 1983 by their own limited resources they had and it's like a meteor that landed out of nowhere right in your face. Moreover, The Ex, is remembered on almost every song, in the rhythm, the riffs, but GRRR have their own style and that's good, even better I mean. Confusing to the point that when comes the last piece 'Fools Talk', you say that this is not possible, The Ex has certainly taken many years later. So this album is very rough, punk, noise, powerful, with an emphasis Batavian cut with a knife which adds to the harshness of all, twelve hellnoiseses that give as much as you want to dance to spin shots slippers... and this album truly deserves to be discovered. GRRR is very GRRR....

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